How To Install Windows The Complete Guide for 2021

Support was also added for palm-vein scanning through a partnership with Fujitsu in February 2018. Credentials are stored locally and protected using asymmetric encryption. You can opt for a developer channel, which is supposed to be “for highly technical users” but will work on anyone’s PC as long as they can manage a few performance lags. Don’t run it on the PC you use daily, just in case.

  • A) Type the command below into the command prompt, press Enter, and go to step 9 below.
  • G1 X 10 would not be correctly displayed in Preview.
  • The N editions of Windows lack media playback capabilities.

They usually contain bug fixes for system functions and can help fix File Explorer problems permanently. Click the “Restart” button to restart the explorer. Please fix the following fixes to display all thumbnails as soon as possible on Windows 11 and 10. Under normal circumstances, the above methods can help you solve this OneDrive preview not working issue.


When your PC starts up, you’ll see a light blue screen with the Startup Settings menu. You can now choose an option using your keyboard . To start up in Safe Mode, press 4 or F4. To start up in Safe Mode with networking, press 5 or F5.

To boot back to normal mode, restart your PC, and you will be back to your usual Windows 11 desktop. Now, press “4” or “F4” on the keyboard, and you will be taken to the minimal Safe mode straight away. N.B. If you are a novice, do not try to change any configuration settings in a Safe Mode environment using the Command Prompt, as you could seriously damage your system. You should contact a technician if you are not able to boot in Safe Mode. N.B. If you are on a network and your system requires that you be connected to the other computers or to the internet, choose Safe Mode with Networking.

After you complete the steps, the laptop will no longer connect with a Microsoft account and will log you in automatically every time you start the system. If security isn’t a concern, Windows 11 has at least several ways to remove the account password for an automatic sign-in experience. If you want to log in automatically on Windows 11, in this guide, we’ll show you how to remove your account password. Please note user account name is different then the computer name. If you want to change the computer name then refer to this article.

Alternative method 1

You can now reset your local account’s password with the default administrator account we just enabled. Follow the steps below to get you started. If you followed the steps correctly, your Windows 10 user folder name should have your new account name. Input your more tips here Microsoft account name and password to log in.

In the list of options on the left, select Recovery. Under the Boot options category, check the Safe boot checkbox and click Ok. Once you are done, the PC restarts in Safe Mode. If you wish to boot your PC again, normally, open Command Prompt, type in bcedit /deletevalue safeboot. Wait for the installation window to appear, and in it, select the language and layout of your choice. While holding it, click on the Power button on the bottom right part of the screen and select Restart.

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